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In your initial consult, your trainer will take a thorough history to learn where you’ve been, what you’ve tried, what has worked and hasn’t. Based on that history, together we will craft a written management and training plan taking into consideration safety and behavior modification, all using positive reinforcement and evidence based strategies. You’ll also work together to begin foundation skills for training and management including marker training, auto check-ins, counterconditioning, and operant conditioning of new skills; or work together to polish the skills you already have. 


This class is for dogs who are not comfortable (aggressive or reactive) in the presence of other dogs. This is a six week class in which we we teach dogs and their owners how to cope with the presence of other dogs. Week one is attended solely by owners. A 4-6 foot flat lead; Walk and Train or Halti brand head collar (not a Gentle Leader); and a buckle collar, martingale collar, slip collar, or body harness are requirements for this class. Class size is limited and is taught by two instructors. A free pre-class phone consult with A Pleasant Dog trainer is available to confirm suitability.

$350 for six 1-hour sessions

reactive group class

Agility class for dogs who don’t like other dogs or people. Yeah, it exists.
*See reactive students under group classes for class enrollment.

$350 for six 1-hour sessions

agility for reactive dogs

Need a trainer to consult with your veterinarian? We do that too. Need a referral to a board certified veterinary behaviorist? We can do that. We are one of the few training facilities in the country to share space with a veterinary behaviorist and enjoy a close working relationship with Dr. Jill Sackman of Animal Behavior Consultants of Michigan.

Together we work closely to help dogs who could benefit from the combination of medical treatment for anxiety and behavior modification through training. 

private consultation

veterinarian consults

A Pleasant Dog is THE PLACE TO GO for reactive and scared or aggressive dogs. Our trainers have been working for over thirty years with dogs just like yours, making meaningful, substantive progress, and helping dogs and their owners not just survive but thrive.

Here's what we offer to parents and their pups:

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